DC Immediate & Primary Care Center

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Mike K
91 month ago
The wait time is horrible; I'm on hour two of my 30 minute (quoted) wait.
Kristen M
94 month ago
Dr. Britton rocks at this urgent care. It's very clean too. Wait times can be long in the winter but worth the wait.
Tommy M
104 month ago
This place its great!!! Manageable hours, super friendly staff that goes above when you are feeling the worst!
Matt G
108 month ago
Both places look similar - I am wondering if it's the same practice?
Matt G
108 month ago
I didn't have to wait, maybe because they just opened the door few days ago. I highly recommend them. Call both places in advance to find out waiting time.
Matt G
108 month ago
Metro Immediate and Primary Care just opened excellent staff, great doctor (tv/computer in every room).
Matt G
108 month ago
Check this http://www.yelp.com/biz/metro-immediate-and-primary-care-washington-2
Caroline R
108 month ago
Modern facility with very friendly staff. I was pleasantly surprised with the experience.
Emma N
109 month ago
Make an appointment for less waiting. The staff is so unbelievably friendly that I thought it was worth the tip. Great, modern facilities.
Arthur E
112 month ago
Make an appointment if you can! The waiting time can be grueling. 2 hours last time.
  • 2902 Porter St NW (at Conneticut Ave), Washington, D.C. 20008, Amerika Serikat, GPS: 38.936733,-77.05935