La Petite Maison

Restoran Perancis
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SHaadow a
32 month ago
Best French restaurant in Dubai. A must visit. Great ambiance and unmatched service. One of the most professional and knowledgeable staff. Quick service and excellent food with irresistible taste. .
Zara K
33 month ago
The food was terrific! Duck legs, tiger prawns and burrata were too good! But the pistachio cake stole the show. It was to die for! Moist and full of flavour, it was the perfect cake!
Bruno G
40 month ago
A classic in Dubai and now in Abu Dhabi. Excellent, original French Mediterranean cuisine. I would have expected anchovies in the salade nicoise though...
Serafettin B
50 month ago
Creme Brûlée is very delicious.
61 month ago
One of the best food experience I've ever had, the burrata cheese and the shrimps were perfect 👌, the steak was soft and juicy 😍 cant wait to try their sweets 💘
Michael W
63 month ago
The best of everything French. Everything is outstanding! Pricey but delicious. Octopus carpaccio is to die for the balanced with sweet and tangy and light as it melts away. Can't wait to go back .
Nouf Q.
69 month ago
potato gratin + snails + buratta + risotto + roasted duck + creme brûlée + amazing staff and atmosphere = 1 of the best dinner experiences of my life LOrd it was heavenly (snails dish in the snap)
Wael H
71 month ago
Their starters are really good. The Burrata is perfect, the best I've ever had. The snails are surprisingly good, you have to give it a try. The prawns with olive oil is fairly good as well.
76 month ago
The best place to eat in when youre in dubai. This branch is even better than the one in london. Eveything is good over here but dont miss the burrata.
Dr. Sultan
97 month ago
Definitely one of the finest restaurants in town! They have the BEST burrata ever. I also their recommend their baby chicken and their creme burle is to die for!