Grosvenor Hotel

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Mark W
44 month ago
Staff are friendly, there is a different meal special@each day and happy hour Carlton 5-7 each weekday.
Rachael A
57 month ago
This is the best local place to get a steak. They tend to overlook the steaks, so while I normally order med-rare, I ordered rare. They often forget sides (2 x now.. avoid male waiter in glasses)
Rachael A
62 month ago
Thursday is steak night, and the steak is delicious! Also had a creme brûlée - yum!!!
Tom C
64 month ago
Good burgers and a decent beer selection.
Rebecca H
65 month ago
My family and I had Christmas lunch there 2015. Food service was amazing. They were so accommodating and even cater for fructose and gluten free meals! Highly recommend.
Jessie S
65 month ago
Fantastic burgers! Super tasty and delicious, and a decent size, white pricey thigh for a hefty $22. Nice pub environment though with live music on a Sunday and $6 pints of draught 😄
Howie H
82 month ago
Yo be honest I only had drinks here but the food looked great, pizzas a made fresh by an Italian dude who knows his stuff
Steven M
84 month ago
Supervisors tend to yell at staff in the hallway. Totes awks!
Nathan V
87 month ago
They have Kosciuszko Pale Ale on tap. Refreshes your palate with pleasant rich maltiness and a fruity hoppy finish. Yum!
Jesse C
99 month ago
This place has an are facing the highway that is great in the afternoon sun.