Del Mar al Lago Cevicheria Peruana

Restoran Peru
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Al F
58 month ago
Ceviche Classico is very good. Slightly spicy and delicious. Service was a bit slow at lunchtime but I would still come back :-)
Christina B
84 month ago
Wifi password is 5622616537
Hennie v
86 month ago
You have to try the mussel shooters for an appetizer
Heidi L
88 month ago
I know that some people say this is the best place in SLC to dine. To those people I say, you need to dine out MORE.
Heidi L
88 month ago
I'm a big ceviche lover but El Rocoto that is in a less popular part of Utah beats this place by far. Great plate presentation but taste wise, they're extremely behind. Not impressed. LONG wait time.
Curry M
98 month ago
Hands down the best food we had in SLC. Simply fabulous.
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