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Filip S
41 month ago
There was a friggin wasp under the fries....
Ana E
43 month ago
THE WORST! Waited AN HOUR, the sheets on the tables dirty, burned with cigarettes; Saw the waitress taking my sandwich out of some bag and putting it on a plate- wet and the salad was literally rotten
Олгица З
61 month ago
The Caesar salad is amazing.. Actually everything on the menu tastes really good and the prices are really affordable. They just need to work more on the interior and the service
K а т е L
65 month ago
I would only come back for the food. They need to work on the interior and the overal atmosphere of the place.
68 month ago
Koga kje poracate stek so sos i salata namesto kompiri kje dobiete POMIJA !!! Zasto mnogu e skapo da se odvojat dve tecni raboti vo razlicni pakovanja. #katastrofa
68 month ago
Koga kje poracate stek so sos i salata kje dobiete POMIJA !!! Deka e nevozmozno i preskapo da se potrosat dve pakuvanja!!! #katastrofa
Tanja M
69 month ago
Best and biggest salads in town! Recommendations: Try out the Caesar salad and if you are a chicken lover you just can't miss the chicken with four cheese sauce, it's delicious! 😻
Mojsova S
75 month ago
Cheap and very tasty, totally worth the money. The biggest salads in town you'll ever get. I recommend the caesar here. The pasta and sandwiches are also so good for the price. Not spacious, but nice.
Riste L
75 month ago
Da ne ste izlazale da poracuvate, kje vi kazat za pola cas i kje se iznacekate cel den pa uste kje ve praat budala demek vi kazale deka kje cekate minimum 2 saati
Vasja P
91 month ago
The service is horrible and attitude of the weiter is unbearable!
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