Arabian Tea House Cafe (كافية بيت الشاي العربي)

Ruang Teh
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Mohammed A
15 month ago
المطعم تحفة بكل تفاصيله، الموقع التصميم المنيو الخيارات المتاحة والموظفين طلبت صينية كبدة وحمصو بلاليط وفول جلبانة وحمص والشاهي المميز بالياسمين والزعفران كان خرافي والخبيص الأماراتي كان مسك الختام
𝙻𝚒𝚕𝚒á𝚗𝚊 ✨
16 month ago
Very cute place for breakfast, lunch, tea. Arabic food delicious hummus, lamb, salad, kibbeh and tea. Very touristy you have to wait for table (15min) it’s always busy but worth the wait.
M ?
42 month ago
عن تجربه شخصيه افضل مطعم شعبي في دبي ناهيك عن الخدمه الرائعه جميع طاقم العمل و بالأخص السوبر فايزر لم يحضرني اسمه ولاكنه مصري الجنسيه ودود وخدوم جداً بصراحه اشوفها تجربه استثنائية في دبي شكراً 💙💙
46 month ago
Nice local place .. I tried out some breakfast items from the menu .. loved their Falafel ❤ crispy and not oily at all.
51 month ago
Love the place it's authentic and unique , take us to the best time ever, simplicity . In winter is the best place in this area to have a tea or proper meal in..
59 month ago
The sitting area is soooo breezy 😌.. It's perfect with the shadings of the big tree in the middle🌳 .. The place is so alive .. You have to catch your breath✨✨... Thier breakfast menu is tasty too😋
Sara A
60 month ago
I am sorry bt the Bastakiya Quarter was just a bit overated for me nd nt worth the trip unless u really want to visit some of the specific museums nd attractions. The Cafe was fine bt nt worth a trip.
M Alghafis
60 month ago
Cozy there is a beauty in the place loved it , karak not sugary at all.
61 month ago
The environment is cozy and their breakfast boards easily fed two hungry tourist! Falafel, hummus and ful medames are yummy but the moroccan ice tea was a dissapointment as it was way sweet.
Fatima A
73 month ago
Great setting; traditional Emirati, but the background music was Lebanese. The Emirati breakfast & Ali's breakfast were good. Order a pot of karak for the table.