Surly Brewing Company

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Elvira Canaveral PINCOMBO.COM P
12 month ago
Not all the beers taste like hoppy poison, there are smooth and crisp options for us who feel poisoned by bitter hops. Ask them where the Pinball is!
Dean C
12 month ago
Always a fun time!!
Mike L
12 month ago
Great beer of course, but their Mussels are to die for! Their Amarillo broth with chorizo and good quality mussels set this one as one of my all time faves!
John C
13 month ago
Fantastic spot. Spacious, plus excellent beer and food. A must-visit for beer in Minneapolis.
Nicholas K
19 month ago
The Surly Burger is outstanding. Served with appropriately-seasoned canjun fries; boring palates need not apply. 🍔🍟
Lucille F
21 month ago
Excellent beers, very good food, friendly people who know their beer. Outdoor seating in the summer. A must go in Minneapolis. Can’t wait to go back!
Jaymin K
24 month ago
Great charcuterie. Quite a few interesting beers you can't get at liquor stores. We were impressed by their hazy IPAs and sours
Darshit V
26 month ago
Make sure to reach early to get a table. Surly has a long waiting.
26 month ago
The food and beer are excellent! You can’t go wrong! If you see Zoran, say hello! His sculptures are on the property!
Nelson V. G
27 month ago
Great number of different types of local beers, excellent taste. Also nice menu, ought to try the brisket here, excellent!