Taco Del Mar

Restoran Meksiko
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Didi C
87 month ago
Love the enchiladas platter. I'm not a fan of beans but you can get this with all rice, so it works for me. Owner is super nice!
Winsome Taylor'd D
109 month ago
Spicy chicken burrito is ummm, ummm, ummm, This should hold me over for the day!!!!
Winsome Taylor'd D
109 month ago
Very Clean and the owner is friendly!!
Jen M
110 month ago
Enchiladas are my favorite
Zach B
114 month ago
Get a mondo burrito and a large soda, sit on the ground out by the escalators and enjoy the cold concrete floor.
Ash P
115 month ago
Not great, not terrible. Average. Fine when you're leaving the convention center late and need a convenient bite to eat. Avoid the enchilada sauce, though; it's terribad.
Kellielizabeth C
130 month ago
On the bottom floor not to far from the hardly used elevator. Less busy than all the other food options upstairs, best value when you're planning to save as much as possible while at a convention.