Levain Bakery

Toko Roti
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Devin C
3 month ago
Best bakery store in town. The cookies are great. Taste is yummy and delicious. Quantity is superb. price is affordable. Place is clean and well maintained. Recommended to friends.
Paul H
3 month ago
Dark chocolate walnut cookie is best here. Taste is yummy and delicious. Staff is friendly and helpful. Service is fast. Place is well maintained. Recommended to friends and family.
Kirsten L
3 month ago
Oatmeal (golden) raisin SCONE! is one of my favorite. Moist and not overly sweet. Perfect with a cup of coffee.
Murphy B
4 month ago
Best chocolate cookies. Taste is yummy and delicious. The price is affordable. The place is well maintained and clean. Happy customer.
Sophie S
4 month ago
Original chocolate chip walnut cookie
Rynee S
4 month ago
Here, love the cookies! With a soft core, they are thick and chunky. I love the chocolate peanut butter one particularly. This is more spacious.
bella t
5 month ago
I have tried Chocolate chip with walnuts. They're really rich and tasty.
Advik D
5 month ago
Best place for cookies lover. Chocolate chip with walnuts is my favorite!. The location is big and great. Cookies were too brownie. It was crispy. Place is well maintained. Worth the money!
Anay B
5 month ago
I love their Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookie. 😋😋
Ana María C
9 month ago
Best cookies in nyc!