Kastra (Κάστρα)

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Alice T
44 month ago
С башни открывается прекрасный панорамный вид на все Салоники, и в ясную погоду видно даже Олимп!)
Dan M
46 month ago
Well worth the walk up the hill. The most amazing views across the city and across the sea to Mt Olympus! Lots of nice cafes and bars and even the walk up can take you through the old part of town..,
Paul Z
59 month ago
You just can't beat the view and the old-city feeling of this place! Grab a beer/coffee and a book and relax by the brick walls..
Carl G
61 month ago
The kastro encloses timber framed houses with overhanging upper floors & Byzantine churches.
Θεόδωρος Π
65 month ago
If you want to see a great view of Thessaloniki, you have to find your way to Kastra. There are many paths from which you can climb your way on castle and enjoy the romantic view.
Katherine P
67 month ago
Amazing view! Take your gf/bf and enjoy the view of the city, romantic place with a lot of restaurants, creperies and other cool places to chill while enjoying the view of Thessaloniki from above 👏
67 month ago
Интересное место с красивым видом на часть города. Подходит для фотосъемки в любое время суток.
Lamprianos L
73 month ago
A must place to visit for a walk. Excellent view of the city. The whole area is filled with graphical taverns. The place combines modern architecture with traditional old fashioned houses.
dimis k
74 month ago
Best view of the city.Better landmark even from the White Tower.Must visit and walk along it.
Will B
89 month ago
The most beautiful view to Thessaloniki. Visit the Kastra and you won't want to leave. It is one of the most famous places in the city and is 100% breathtaking!
  • Κάστρα, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Yunani, GPS: 40.640762,22.959076