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Warung Kopi
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15 month ago
One of the most iconic & scenic view coffee shop in Kyoto even in Japan, with the view directly to the landscapes, made the taste from cups is more intense & feel peaceful in your mind #CoffeeKyoto
Dan C
21 month ago
Get rid of the private room and expand the counter to two registers, very simple and needed solution to unnecessarily long lines here. Great coffee, but better things to do with time in Arashiyama.
Mohammed A
35 month ago
Arabica cafe latte is great. If you are looking for nice cup of mild coffee hot or cold in Kyoto. I really recommended it for you to taste.
36 month ago
Coffee is really good but the lines can be very long. In winter you can get your coffee in few minutes tho and it also warms you up since there is no indoor sitting area here.
Robin V
46 month ago
And I was told there are no hipsters in Japan. 3 guys, all with beards, fanatically roasting and making great coffee, I think they were wrong.
Chee Yeong F
51 month ago
Simple, good coffee with a spectacular view. No fuss...that's what coffee should be after taking in great views of Arashiyama.
Jenna T
53 month ago
I had previously heard this coffee shop specializes in lattes, and it did NOT disappoint. Stop by this beautiful little riverside place for some of the best coffee in Japan!
Max H
53 month ago
A unique combination of coffee craftsmanship and a spectacular view.
Paul M
58 month ago
Espresso drinks only. Super tasty and consistent. It's a *tiny* space, but a beautiful view of the river outside. On a warm day around Arashiyama, an iced latte from here is the perfect companion!
marcos o
58 month ago
This place is great, they will even roast you some coffee in about 15 minutes but don't forget to specify the roast! I spaced out and they didn't ask and I got a bag of Full City roast ¯\_(ツ)_/¯