Rachel's Ginger Beer

Bar Koktail
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Phuong N
30 month ago
My first stop after strolling through the Pike Place Market. Pink guava and blood orange are my two favorite flavors. Their Moscow Mules are also worthy of a praise!
Denise F
41 month ago
I don't like ginger beer, but Rachel's place is the only place that I like. Staff is great and their ginger beer is always delicious.
44 month ago
Located in Pike Place Market, RGB offers up refreshing cocktails made with their house ginger beer. Can't go wrong with a Moscow Mule, but their frozen cocktails are especially great in the summer.
Andy J
46 month ago
So many different flavors of ginger beer! The caramelized pineapple is incredible. I could drink the Xtra all day every day.
49 month ago
Menu as of Jan. 13! Can't go wrong with the RGB original. Hot toddy (heated blood orange RGB & whiskey) was also really good.
Ge S
63 month ago
Anything and everything is wonderful. Hibiscus is a favorite so far..
Jessica W
67 month ago
Awesome place with open communal seating! Great atmosphere and great drinks. The seasonal flavors are definitely worth a try.
AFAR Media
78 month ago
A local favorite, brewing up slightly spicy, not-too-sweet ginger beer, in their original recipe as well as seasonal varietals such as strawberry rhubarb, Asian pear, carrot beet, and raspberry.
David E
88 month ago
This listing is partially mis-classified - although the ginger beer is brewed it is not alcoholic by itself. Quite refreshing for people of all ages. However, the resulting cocktails are awesome.
Marcie R
89 month ago
The El Diablo is soooo good!! We bought an original growler for home to mix with whiskey or vodka. Wish my phone had not died so could share a pic.