Tempat Rahasia
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Fresh U
24 month ago
That‘s better than Iron Fairies, but a complete overpromise if you have seen the website before. The cocktails are OK, I would not call them top-notch. And some barmen are very self-obsessed.
Mariana S
28 month ago
Nice atmosphere and very good drinks, don’t ask spicy ones, they assume you want just pepper!
Henry e
39 month ago
🤔🍸This place’s cocktail are supreme 💮🙀
48 month ago
This is what you get if you ask for "fresh, soury/tangy and a bit of fizz without being like a softdrink" basically blood orange, some sort of gin and yuzu fizzy something hahaha
Angela L
51 month ago
Amazing cocktails - they dont have a cocktail menu. Rather you tell them what kind of cocktail you like and they will prepare one for you. Be ready for the surprise and they wont disappoint!
54 month ago
A hit/miss depending on bartender. They treat u better if u dress up. I got a Kool-Aid but saw others get very cool drinks- shiso, apple pie, u name it. Sit by the bar- an improv lab, & enjoy the show
Henry e
54 month ago
I loved this ! Forgot about the drink's name ! We had such a good time here and the mixologist are real fun and chatty !
Kailey L
54 month ago
Email ahead to get a reservation, as they claim they don't take walk-ins (although we saw walk-ins on a weekday). There is no menu. For reference our drinks were around$150-200.
Kailey L
54 month ago
A bit hit & miss. I was expecting cocktails that shock, but instead I was served generic ones like coffee. However my friend had a Tom Yum Goon. I guess your drink depends how they perceive you. :/
K. M
55 month ago
Amazing mix with the special Iron Ball Gin they have. Loved the whole experience!