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Bar Koktail
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Anastasia B
16 month ago
Cozy spot, without a menu, which makes for a fun experience when ordering drinks. The cocktails were delicious. The place is not cheap, but they accept credit cards.
Kate D
22 month ago
Possibly the best cocktail bar I've ever been to. It is on the 9th floor. There's no menu, speak with them about the flavours or spirits you like and they will make you the most delicious cocktail.
24 month ago
Eater: candle-lit 9-floor hideaway is one of Tokyo’s most compelling bars; Sink into one of the armchairs at the ancient-wood counter and give mixologist carte blanche to work magic. Get there early
Ben W
33 month ago
The drinks are incredible and intricate and the performance of the preparation is great, but with everything prepared by the single lead bartender you might be waiting a long time between drinks.
Jack M
35 month ago
Great, unique drinks in a cozy setting - 2 in our party said they liked similar drinks, yet got completely different, delicious creations. Would've stayed longer if guy next to us wasn't chain smoking
Ross W
37 month ago
Clad in a white jacket, Kayama can often be found grinding roots, herbs and spices grown on his family's own plot of land. The bar is well-known for making its own version of Campari.
Kara M
40 month ago
Reservations available for small groups only, but if you get in it is fantastic. Have the seasonal fruit cocktail. And the Japanese whisky with coffee water cocktail (ignore how gross it sounds).
42 month ago
Crazy, Awesome and wonderful experience that you will never ever regret going here. Throw away all the drinks you might know. Let the master decide and mix your drink for the night, cheers
Marcela S
49 month ago
Stunning. No menu. Bartender gives you a unique drink with a story (Yuzu from his neighbors trees, vintage & rare Italian bitters, etc). Start with a simple gin and tonic (it's like an airy cloud)
Krishna S
58 month ago
This place specializes in classic cocktails. There isn't a menu so you just explain what you like. The owner and his assistant speak a bit of English which is nice. This bar is amazing.