Tehran Grand Bazaar | بازار بزرگ تهران (بازار بزرگ تهران)

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26 month ago
Here is heart of Iran. It's distributed to all parts of iran from here. Tehran Grand Bazaar has 400 years old
Furkan O
26 month ago
Kapalı çarşımız gibi oldukça büyük bir pazar, hediyelik eşya, halı, kuyumcu ne arasanız var. Epey vakit ayırmanız gerekiyor gezebilmek için
Hasti K
33 month ago
Extremely crowded, but if you know the location of where you head you’ll have a fast experience.
35 month ago
Again my favorite grand bazar🤗 but it was almost closed. today was 4th of Farvardin on new year holidays all of popular restaurants except Moslem restaurant were closed
Moein D
52 month ago
Historical old bazaar, with lots of cute little stores, a live atmosphere, and many views for your camera!
Ghazaleh R
61 month ago
Great place,both historical and exciting,If you are there try Sharaf ol Eslami or Moselm for lunch and visit the Golestan Palace near Bazaar.
Nima F
63 month ago
You can almost find anything you are looking for with a cheap price. It has a great atmosphere specially for photographers and it has some of the best Persian restaurants of Iran.
65 month ago
Always very crowded, but do not afraid.. it worth visiting.. Every time you can discover a new place. Moslem and sharafoleslam are the best restaurants. For cloths and shoes Bazar reza is better.
Mohammadreza C
66 month ago
a legacy from safavid period (19th century). Since it's still an important place for commerce, tehran grand bazaar is always crowded. Also you can find many good persian restaurants there
Amir Y
66 month ago
Wonderful place, old passages, a gathering of most businesses, crowded restaurants with delicious Persian cuisine; despite recent renovation, the neighborhood is not well organized and clean.
  • Panzdah Khordad St. (Khayam St.), Teheran, Tehran, Iran, GPS: 35.675438,51.419674
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