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Denis R
23 month ago
1. Приходить перед закатом. 2. Подниматься по лестнице на самый верх 3. Фотать панораму города с Араратом на закате 4. Фотать как стемнеет. 5. Спускаться на эскалаторе, зайти в музей.
24 month ago
You can take elevator or stairs here. I prefer to take the stairs to appreciate the Lovely view while walking, its worth the effort (had a hard time though, I have asthma so I walk slowly)
Minji L
32 month ago
Cascade in the daytime is good for exploring art galleries. In the nighttime, the stairs light up, the people come out, and the bar scene comes to life!
Diana M
41 month ago
This is an open door museum with art pieces in every corner. When you go up the stairs you'll have a fantastic view of the city. There are fountains nd flowers on all the levels.
Frankie J. 😎 G
42 month ago
One of the main interesting attractions to visit probably multiple times a day: a giant starway with five multiple levels, with interesting sculptures, fountain and park
Negs H
44 month ago
Such a view. It was the first place that I visited, just a suggestion: use escalators to move up and then come down by stairs.
مهسا م
53 month ago
You see the statue of architect of Yerevan and many modern art works there; called museum under stars. There there are the statirs. Lots of restaurants arouns; good choice to spend the evening
Jemma G
77 month ago
С утра побегать по лестницам Каскада- самое то!Потом выпить вкусный кофе в одном из кафе поблизости. Вечером хорошо прогуляться, посидеть на лавочках, сделать несколько красивых фото.
Олег С
78 month ago
Это главная достопримечательность Еревана. Его лучше смотреть и днем и в темное время суток. Погуляйте по экспозициям, купите сувениров, а вечером полюбуйтесь на горящий огнями Ереван ;-)
Tim O
92 month ago
A wonderful way to spend an hour looking at some amazing pieces of art. No need to walk up the steps, go inside and use the escalator.
  • Tamanyan St. (Saralanji St.), Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia, GPS: 40.189705,44.515453