The Gents Place Leawood

Salon / Tempat Pangkas Rambut
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Nick G
15 month ago
Many great features: facial, pedicure, manicure, etc. Feels like a spa day for men! Also have alcohol/drinks, a game room, lounge room, and TVs.
Men's Health Mag
79 month ago
Make sure to check out the shop's 7 Course Service, which includes a consult, cut and style, hand wax, face refresher, and a series of massages.
Daryl G
79 month ago
Good experience! Anytime I can get a Foot Massage and glass of Maker's . . . you got me! 👍 Great service and a relaxing atmosphere.
Chad H
81 month ago
Five course (haircut): awesome.
Donald S
85 month ago
Great place, ask for Patricia
Eric A
86 month ago
Guys, you have to try this place. Ask for Jessica G and get the 7 course. Haircut with back/shoulder/arm massage, facial and hand paraffin treatment. Plus free cocktails and pool table!
Hal G
96 month ago
Membership has it's privileges !!
Men's Health Mag
97 month ago
Know before you go: No calls are necessary; the shop offers 24/7 online booking and text message confirmations.
Ryan W
106 month ago
The memberships are legit, old fashioned shaves, shoe shines, fine men's care products, plush ambience, cigars, spirits, billiards.