BMW Seattle

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Alex P
22 month ago
This dealership is awesome their service turnaround is quick and gets you back to driving your bimmer baby.
Pedro A
45 month ago
Joel Elkins is the best! He will take care of all your maintenance with the customer best experience on mind!
Pedro A
55 month ago
Joel is a great SA, but staff in general is attentive and helpful. Great dealership.
83 month ago
We had the most pleasant car purchasing experience at BMW Seattle from Kevin Shi. He always ensures that we get the best deals possible for the new/used cars we want. Awesome guy!
Thu-An N
83 month ago
Tony Alongi is the best car advisor ever! I've been with him for about 3 years and he has yet to fail me
Max R
84 month ago
Joel is a great SA, always takes great care. In fact, everyone here from the GM to the guys taking your keys is excellent. The best BMW dealership I've ever dealt with - both sales and service.
Cheryl C
89 month ago
Best coffee machine! Have the cappuccino
Jose L
92 month ago
Both Alex and Tony have been friendly and professional. I'll keep on bringing my car without doubt.
Harry T
95 month ago
One of the best BMW dealerships (and THE best in the PNW). Great selection of vehicles, the staff and managers are really laid back and helpful, and the buildings are what you would expect from BMW.
Tim C
110 month ago
Talk to Alex Long! He's a great service adviser! He will take care of you.