Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

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Globetrottergirls D
12 month ago
Bring your debit / credit card, no cash payments here
Vasso ?
19 month ago
Such a great experience with a nice view of the harbour! Not for acrophobics👌👌👌
Road Unraveled
27 month ago
Great views of Sydney Harbour when you make it up to the top. If you don’t want to climb the stairs, just walk to the other side of the bridge for photos that are just as good.
Anthony J
55 month ago
Highly recommend. Interesting to read how bridge was built, no mean feat in 1932, and enjoy views from the top.
Karin J
58 month ago
Tratar de ir cuando no esté demasiado soleado para q las fotos no salgan oscuras, llevar ropa cómoda para aprovechar de caminar p el parque botánico ;)
Howie D
68 month ago
The best $16 I have ever spent. Million Dollar views. It is a far cheaper option than the bridge climb. #ILoveSydney
Greg C
69 month ago
It's a great view and an inexpensive option if the bridge climb is out of your budget
Jason D
70 month ago
Great views from the top. Make sure it's not windy!
Pedro M
70 month ago
Great view but hardly worth the entry fee.
Ruth M
82 month ago
Cool views if you don't want to climb the bridge, and news factoids about the bridge. At the top you are eye level w/ climbers beginning their ascent.