Restoran Mediterania
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Maria P
30 month ago
Las vistas son espectaculares, pero los precios abusivos: caña 4,20€
Gábor G
34 month ago
Good: the view / Bad: the ignorant and rude staff, as after 20 minutes waiting for the menu and asking them twice, the waiter told “We are busy, you can leave if you don’t like us”. So we left.
Markus H
34 month ago
The views is awesome. But drinks are expensive.
Den S
36 month ago
Der Cappuccino war sehr klein und ist im Vergleich zu den ganzen Cafes in Barcelona nicht schmackhaft. Die Preise waren recht hoch. Man zahlt halt für die schöne Aussicht mit.
Viktoria K
39 month ago
Отличная видовая кафешка.
Marco O
42 month ago
Amazing views from this bar.
Mos A
42 month ago
You only enjoy the fantastic view here.. the food is so normal. Aug, 2017
Vladimir K
43 month ago
Ресторан где официанты и их сообщники воруют личные вещи туристов.Воруют в основном фото-видео технику и деньги.Лично у меня украли рюкзак с фото и видео техникой и 200 евро наличными.Очень плохая еда
Vasileios N
45 month ago
Probably the worst cafe in Barcelona. Terrible service, unhygienic restroom, mediocre food. Amazing view of the city!
Tereza B
45 month ago
Terrible service, terrible quality and disgusting wc :( Buy something packaged and enjoy the beautiful view, that's it
  • Ctra. de Miramar, 40, 08023 Barcelona Catalonia, Spanyol, GPS: 41.371155,2.1725583