Sa'dabad Palace | کاخ سعدآباد (کاخ سعدآباد)

Tempat Bersejarah
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Arya R
34 month ago
Must-see collection of royal palaces; beautiful garden for a stroll; allocate ample time for a complete tour; one of the greatest tourist destinations of the capital.
Ahmad M
41 month ago
This beautiful historic place could be much better maintained and it could definitely benefit from tour guides which is missing today
Laleh B
47 month ago
It's one of the ten palaces in the world with large green area. With old trees and great halls to visit. Ofcourse the most of original things were stolen but the architecture is amazing.
Delaram G
50 month ago
Absolutely beautiful garden. The most beautiful palaces are: The green palace & The mellat palace. If you don't know which to visit, make sure these two are on your list! Specially the green palace!
Termeh S
51 month ago
A historical place that recommended so much , don't miss this place in autumn and walking on leaves. Sabz palace is the best.
Roya E
52 month ago
I guess this is the biggest garden-palace museum in Tehran,each building has something surprising for you so it take a complete day to fully finish it.Beauty of garden is breathtaking 😊👌🏻🍂🍃
59 month ago
I know it is totally insane but you have to make up your mind which ones of the 16 museums you exactly want to visit before passing the gate and you cannot change your mind later.
59 month ago
اینجا یک بوروکراسی ناکارآمد و غیرمنعطف حاکمه وگرنه می تونستن با فروش دو نوع بلیط 2000 و 2500 تومنی اجازه بدن بازدیدکننده ها هر کاخی رو که میخوان ببینن نه این که قبل از ورود مجبور به انتخاب باشن
Aryan S
60 month ago
It's great I advice u to chose it for walking in great weather. And of course it costs to put your time on it.
65 month ago
It is very good for walking,some of buildings do not worth visiting,but some of them are very good.I do not think they have kept all original furniture.But it certainly worth visiting again and again.