The Museum of Flight

Museum Sains
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Jason H
25 month ago
Recommend checking it out on a Free First Thursday. There's tons to see, so if you like it you can then get a membership. Tourists interested in aviation or Seattle history should visit. Worthwhile.
Kursad A
26 month ago
One of the best aviation museums in the western hemisphere. Big collection of WWI & WWII aircraft; diverse collection of iconic aircraft such as the Concorde, B-29 and SR-71.
Allie C
30 month ago
Wow, what a place to explore! Obviously a great place for kids, but I found myself wandering around in wonder the whole time. Go early, the museum closes at 5:00 PM daily.
31 month ago
The exhibits in the main building was great. Then walk over to the aviation building for more planes. And of course sign up for the Shuttle Flight trainer.
Michal A
38 month ago
I like that they have here originals from Soviet space exploratory era. I like that they have Mig from Czech Republic there! It is great place to visit although most space artefacts are in KSC Florida
Ariana V
41 month ago
Blown away by the size of this museum and all it has to offer. Impossible to read everything but if you have an interest/passion for the industry, it's a must-see. Allow about 3-4 hours time.
Finn B
42 month ago
If you are fascinated by aeroplanes, this is the museum for you! Enjoy the evolution of flight for more than a century. I was fortunate to travel on the Concorde in 1995 - great to step inside again!
Marek M
54 month ago
If you are in town this is a must see attraction. Plus if you are in planes reserve more than 4 hours for this its packed with "toys" and loaded with information (boeing history, WWII, NASA etc)
Paris B
71 month ago
Enjoyable museum. The docent-led tour of the WW1 and WW2 section was excellent. It's also fun to look through Air Force 1 and the original Boeing "Red Barn" Factory.
Kevin F
72 month ago
Allow a huge amount of time if you love planes. Love all the stories built around the exhibits. Especially love the Concorde and Air Force One that you can walk through.