Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도한강공원)

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Haza K
30 month ago
언제가도 좋은곳 여름에도 좋았다. 매년 몽땅축제와 밤도깨비야시장을 여는듯
Nora K
45 month ago
My favorite park ever , u can go for cycling running playing & eat in a very good atmosphere with a scene of han river ,i recommend to go in weekend if u want to enjoy the performances along the park
Kim P
55 month ago
Beautiful park to spend an afternoon in. Rent a bike by the hour and go for a long cycle.
55 month ago
Grab food (or order delivery), grab a beer, camp, watch the sunset, and generally hang out in the heart of Seoul.
Jenny M
55 month ago
Buy a picnic mat at the subway exit, grab some snacks and drinks and relax for the day!
The Ritz-Carlton
57 month ago
Don't miss the chance to watch fireworks light up the night sky above Hangang River Park, an unforgettable Seoul experience!
Jay S
70 month ago
If you're looking for the cherry blossoms, they're along the Han River bank, not in the central area. Walk north from the National Assembly station.
Dhiya K
78 month ago
Hangang park is huge! Great nature scenes with wide bicycle path, perfect spot for biking. Go around the park and you'll notice great architectures too, like this spiral bridge.
korea photo
85 month ago
The park offers exciting events year-round: the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring, the World Fireworks Festival in the fall, as well as concerts, and marathons.
Jonathan K
126 month ago
한강(漢江)은 강원도 태백시의 검룡소에서 발원하여 황해로 흘러가는 강이다. 한반도 중부를 가로지르는 강으로 한반도를 흐르는 강들 중에서 가장 넓은 유역 면적을 가지고 있다. 고어로는 아리물(또는 아리수, 아리가람)이라고도 부르며, 길이 514킬로미터, 유역면적 34,397평방킬로미터이다.