Elephant Nature Park

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Sander Z
12 month ago
Beware: you have to make a reservation in advance for a half day or whole day tour. You can't just stop by to get close to the elephants, only from the roadside you see them bathing if you're lucky.
Richard W
12 month ago
Beware: visits by appointment only. If not, just drive a few 100 metres before the entrance to a spot where you see the elephants taking a bath from a distance.
Alex C
22 month ago
Good place to see elephants in a non strenuous way. The do some great work here too.
Russell A
28 month ago
Fantastic trip, and a must do for anyone visiting Chiang Mai. We did the short day which got us back to the city by 3pmish.
tatiana d
29 month ago
es maravilloso, las personas que aquí trabajan tienen un corazón de oro, es un respeto único por los elefantes y además cuidan gatos y perros , una experiencia para guardar en el corazón
John B
35 month ago
Amazing day at Elephant Nature Park. Pampering these rehabilitating giants is a life changing experience. Educate yourself and only support organizations like this one 🐘 🐘 🐘
Zach I
36 month ago
Elephants are lovely. Everyone cares. Over 500 ,dogs!
Daniel Armando
37 month ago
🇹🇭 ¡Quiero volver! ❤️
Rachel W
37 month ago
Only humane elephant "attraction." This is a legit sanctuary. The rest are abusive. Must book in advance. One of the best places I visited in Thailand.
Ben K
42 month ago
The best part of the human kind is to be found here. Love is in the air