Dragon's Back (龍脊)

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Moses L
27 month ago
The best popular scenic hike in Hong Kong! Wanna opt for some green and the natural side of Hong Kong? How about this 3 hour walk followed by sunbathing at Big Wave Bay?
The Ritz-Carlton
50 month ago
Challenge one of the world’s best urban hikes, Dragon’s Back, and embrace the breathtaking natural beauty which Hong Kong has to offer.
53 month ago
Great escape from the city. Take the reverse route from Cottinger so that you reach the sunset views at the end of the hike
Yarn L
58 month ago
Wear good anti-slip shoes! It can get slippery after the rain. Enjoy the view from the top!
Gregory K
62 month ago
Went on this hike after a previous rainy day and there was amazing aromatic smells. Also Gr8 views.
Jun W
64 month ago
Beautiful views, just need around 2 & 45 mins, very worth to take the times to walk this amazing trail. Easy to walk too, many signs to guide thru the trail, especially wf hk gov's apps 'enjoy hiking'
64 month ago
Very crowded on the weekend, especially within the first mile of the trailhead. But still a fun hike.
Joel S
73 month ago
You can make it up all the stairs—it's worth it for the spectacular 360° views!
Jin Ngee C
78 month ago
Do the hike in reverse from Big Wave Bay to To Tei Wan bus stop in winter. Hike from To Tei Wan bus stop to Big Wave Beach in summer but bring swimwear to cool off in the water after the hike.
Annie W
100 month ago
Go to Shau Kei Wan MTR stop, get out to find the bus station. Hop on #9 bus. Get off To Tei Wan stop. You will see the hiking trail sign
  • Shek O Country Park, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, GPS: 22.236153,114.243385