Anheuser-Busch Brewery Experiences

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Shannon J
14 month ago
If you’re really into beer or learning how beer is made then do the Brewmaster tour! It’s totally worth it!
Lauren H
26 month ago
For before you cross the Arch off your bucket list and need a drink to forget you have an irrational fear of heights. Dilly Dilly!
James R
27 month ago
Went here for the Brewery lights and had a great time. Free beer was quite nice as well
Amy C
27 month ago
You get two free samples throughout the tour—one of them in the beer garden!
Alissa Y
28 month ago
Super fun experience and the process of beer
Steven A
29 month ago
The tour guides were very friendly friendly and very knowledgeable and the gift shop has everything Anheuser-Busch related items
Joanne J
29 month ago
Great tour. Free beer horses 🐎 are so cool.
Claire W
30 month ago
Beers are great prices. Service was incredibly slow. Food was awesome!
Paula M
31 month ago
There is a free shuttle to go and to get back to downtown. The free tour is nice and so is the museum but they rushed me through it and I was paying so it upset me a bit.
ᴡ M
34 month ago
Doing the beer museum tour sounds like a great way to get a souvenir glass