Saint Louis Zoo

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Eric P
19 month ago
Penguins, Lions, Gorillas, Stingrays, Elephants, Bears, Polar bears, Snakes, Flamingos, Tigers, Tortoise, Rhinos, Giraffes, so many to look at it!! I loved it!!
Walter K
22 month ago
Great layout, architecture, and animal species
Amy C
28 month ago
Frequently rated the best zoo in the country—and it’s free!
Deronius M
28 month ago
Greatest Zoo on planet earth... and it’s free admission. Take that, San Diego!
Steven A
29 month ago
A must go see zoo for an awesome experience best thing it’s a free zoo only thing you got to pay $15 for the parking lot or it’s free parking on the streets near the zoo
Ms. S
29 month ago
Hours are different in the internet fall if the year they close at 5pm.
Howard S
30 month ago
study the maps it is easy to get lost. Read the arrows in the follow banner that corresponds to the area color, not those at the bottom of the sign which may point to restrooms, etc.
Chloe C
30 month ago
Lions,tigers,bears-oh my!It’s free and has literally all the animals you could think of.You burn a lot of calories from walking(it’s huge),so you won’t feel guilty eating the yummy concession food!🦒
Ray M
32 month ago
It’s free!!!!!! Best tip ever.
Ricky H
32 month ago
The Saint Louis Zoo is on the Move, you must visit.