National Gal­lery Singa­pore

Galeri Seni
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Gregory F
30 month ago
Supreme Court building is super cool and houses the SEA collection. It’s possible to breeze through this one buidling’s 15 galleries in an hour, but more time would be recommended to enjoy it all!
Rupert R
32 month ago
Friendly staff who explain the displays and point you in the right direction - the building’s a bit of a maze. Alongside the art galleries are some interesting rooms detailing the history of Singapore
Ashley D
36 month ago
Beautiful artworks in a large restored courthouse and gallery. It is confusing lay laid out and the signs do not help. Many levels that do not flow correctly. Wonderful to walk around but ask for help
Cheen T
47 month ago
Above entrance of former Supreme Court, find sculpture of Justice wielding her scales, & a frieze of the 1819 treaty signing to establish Singapore as a trading post. Source: Singapore Book of Records
Jess T
51 month ago
One of the more affordable lunch dish for kids at National Gallery Singapore is at Owl Cafe (level 1):Chicken Crab Meatballs Soup (price excludes Kway Teow, have to top up S$1 for Kway Teow).
The Ritz-Carlton
58 month ago
Art enthusiasts will be delighted to know that The National Gallery is home to one of the biggest collections of Southeast Asian and Singapore art.
Jess T
59 month ago
Exploring 2 mini houses at the foot of the tree trunk below the Treehouse. Quite fun to join curious kiddos with their adventure in this Enchanted Forest at Keppel Centre for Art Education (level 1).
Jess T
59 month ago
Females and kiddos would love the feeling of walking into this fantasy 'story book' The Enchanted Forest. The kiddos were fascinated with this fairytale playground, including the Treehouse and River.
Danielle E
61 month ago
Gorgeous light flows it through seemingly every ceiling, from the rooftop reflecting pool that spreads it dancing across the interior staircase to the space around the old roof.
Elise ❥
62 month ago
Wow! You can really get lost here as there are so many staircases and turns. There's also a 6th level with restaurants that have a great view of the Padang. Free entrance for local residents.