Széchenyi tér

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Aurél T
63 month ago
Nice place.
Krisztián V
65 month ago
Romantic place in the hearth of Pécs with lots of restaurants, beautiful fountains and of course the Dzsámi. Good meeting place with friends and family!
Mário T
73 month ago
Pezsgés és hangulat.
Ovgu C
74 month ago
Visit the historical mosque, and enjoy the lovely cafes. Small but vibrant town😊
Sára E
87 month ago
indítványozom a lépcsôk fûtését, hogy télen is le lehessen telepedni rájuk!
European Parliament
95 month ago
Nearly a 1000 performers enacted almost every historical period in Pécs past for the opening, aided by a laser show and light-painting. The city calculated an extra 1 million extra tourists for 2010.
Gás H
104 month ago
lejtős ...
Jennifer B
105 month ago
Check the mosque and have a walk around. It's a small town and you will be able to find your way around pretty easily. There are several cheap, good bakeries around the square so check them out too
András F
115 month ago
Mindenkepp csinaltassatok egy karikaturat magatokrol a virag cukraszda mellett, mert nagyon ugyes a csaj!
  • Pécs, Széchenyi tér, 7621, Hungaria, GPS: 46.07611,18.228289