Ioannina Lake (Λίμνη Ιωαννίνων)

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Emre Ü
30 month ago
Yanya’nın simgelerinden olan gölü gezmek için tekne turları mevcut.Gölün içindeki adaya ulaşabiliyorsunuz.
Irene G
39 month ago
Beautiful walk along the lake under the trees day & night.. if you are in the mood you can take the boat for 2€ and visit the island across. Frequent rides.
54 month ago
We've visited this charming town on our way to Kilini. Cute place surrounded by a lake, with plenty of tree shadows, so is great to walk in summer. Several coffee stops. Even a quick stop is worthy.
Aristos T
57 month ago
These last 8 years that I live here in Ioannina I have to say the lake was very nice and still is. I hate that it's green but you will like it. There's plenty to do like going a trip to the island.
John S
72 month ago
huge beautifull lake with a small island you can visit by boat...lots of great coffee shops along the cost and taverns plus the view from the castle is a killer one...must visit if you in Ioannina.
Fani F
74 month ago
Calm scenery for a quiet walk, jogging, bicycling, you name it!!!
Ariadni M
74 month ago
Try biking or joking by the lake side. If u like water better try sailing or canooeing
Alexandra P
74 month ago
Υπέροχη βόλτα στον παραλίμνιο δρόμο. Αξίζει και μια επίσκεψη στο νησάκι.
Bruno C
94 month ago
Lake Ioannina is the largest lake of Epirus, located in the central part of the Ioannina regional unit in northern Greece.
Visit Greece
112 month ago
A true gem of the Ioannina region. Definitely visit the small island. The Lake offers perfect conditions for water skiing, rowing and canoeing, as the wind in the area is usually very favourable.
  • Λίμνη Παμβώτιδα, 454 44 Ιωάννινα, Ioannina, Yunani, GPS: 39.67173,20.856668