Al Bastakiya البستكية

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Jarvithom B
29 month ago
Amazing place with galeries, traditional restaurants, and coffee shops. Perfect spot to discover Dubaï from another perspective.
Serafettin B
49 month ago
Heritage experience in Dubai.
Adel A
51 month ago
You can see the old lifestyle, history of Emarat's and the area 🇦🇪
Negin S
70 month ago
It is ofcourse a "pseudo" oldtown, however it is a pleasant getaway from the megamalls and the skyscrapers. Islamic architecture is amazing :)
The Ritz-Carlton
73 month ago
Head to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and make your way to the rooftop for the best view over the Bastakiya district.
Luigi M
75 month ago
When you are in Dubai this is the place that tourists needs to see. You'll see part of old Dubai.
82 month ago
Here is how the smart dubai gov being success mix tradition history wirh innovation art , old houses being galleries cafes and hotels , just say wow and raise ur hat respect ! wow
Hamdan I
82 month ago
Be sure to check out the majlis towards the creek. They have brilliant hospitality and good Arabic kava
The Ritz-Carlton
93 month ago
Wander the quaint neighborhood of Bastikaya Quarter but don't forget to look up. The wind-tower architecture is an early form of air conditioning for the hot desert climate.
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts
96 month ago
"Dating back to 1890, the Bastakiya precinct is one of the oldest residential areas in Dubai. At its heart is the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding."
  • Al Fahidi Street and Al Mankhool Road (البستكية بالقرب من قلعة الفهيدي وديوان سمو الحاكم), Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab, GPS: 25.263987,55.299942