Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

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Stacy B
20 month ago
This is known as Gaudi’s favorite square. The pockmarks are not from bullets; they’re from two bombings during the Spanish Civil War, which killed 42 total (mostly children).
Andre R
30 month ago
Cosy square in the Gothic Quarter. Evidence of the bombings during the war can be seen in the walls of the church. In the center of the square is an octagonal fountain, dedicated as a symbol of life.
Ceren U
35 month ago
a tiny square with a big history. find a local guide and ask about the damage on the walls.
Petra B
39 month ago
This is the square that inspired Gaudí to express the beauty and the sun light through the foliage in his works. Every day he paid this church a visit to confess. A small square with a lot of history.
Katya G
43 month ago
One of the best squares of the city that's located in the heart of Gothic Quarter yet hard to find. Apart from historical events one should know that Evanescence shot their video for My Immortal here.
46 month ago
On the 30th of January 1938 a bomb dropped by Franco’s air force exploded directly in front of the church killing 30 of the children who were sheltering inside. You can still see the exterior damage.
Marcel S
66 month ago
Es una auténtica joya. Ir en una noche tranquila, con apenas gente y en casi silencio absoluto, solo a sentarse y admirar su belleza es una verdadera delicia.
Mar G
78 month ago
Historic hidden spot of the civil war, one can see the scars of a bombing in the walls of the old church. Still a quiet square now. The hotel Neri has a restaurant and a terrace also recommended.
97 month ago
We reckon Núria Cotura's shot of Plaça de Sant Felip Neri perfectly conveys this tranquil and relaxing part of Barcelona's Barri Gòtic!
101 month ago
One of the greatest places in Barcelona: seat a few minutes in the fountain and relax with the sound of water and the children at the school nearby. Simply wonderful.
  • Plaça de Sant Felip Neri, 08002 Barcelona Catalonia, Spanyol, GPS: 41.383377,2.1751518